Programme outline

17 September

Mid-term meeting of MedYWat “Med Water Youth Network facilitation and coordination group”




18 September

Conference Proceedings


Opening Session

Chair: Maroun El Moujabber - CIHEAM Bari


09:00-09:30                  Welcome addresses



Maurizio Raeli - CIHEAM Bari Director

Giuseppe Provenzano - Union for the Mediterranean “UfM”

Janette Uhlmann - Center for Mediterranean Integration “CMI”

Placido Plaza - CIHEAM Secretary General


09:30 - 10:30                 Keynote speeches



Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security

Marcela Villarreal - Director, Partnerships and South-South Cooperation Division, FAO


Higher education in Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security: challenges and needs

Pierre Grenier - Agreenium - France


                                          Parthenope University and CIHEAM Bari:  a Decade of Success and the Way Ahead

Stefano Dumontet - Parthenope University of Naples, Italy


General discussions


End of the opening session and family photo with the graduation hat


10:30 - 11:00                 Coffee break


Session (1)                    Protecting the Planet: Combating Waste

Chair: Nahla Hwalla - President of CIHEAM Advisory Board


11:00-12:00                   Keynote addresses

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 1 KN)


CIHEAM Alumni Network: Avoiding knowledge Waste through Follow-up Research Study

Noureddin Driouech - CIHEAM Bari


FAO-CIHEAM field research initiative Call for PhD students and young researchers

Emma McInerney - Partnerships Officer, Partnerships and South-South Cooperation Division, FAO and Maroun El Moujabber - CIHEAM Bari


Methods, technologies and devices to reduce non-beneficial water consumption on farms in water scarce regions

Nebo Jovanovic - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa


                               General discussions


12:00-13:30                   PhD & Young Researchers Oral Presentations

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 1 OP)


Modernization of surface irrigation systems in a Water - Food - Energy Nexus perspective: modelling approach

Ahmed Ayoub - Egypt 


Anaerobic co-digestion of olive mill wastewater with municipal wastewater and cow dung

Anas Tallou - Morocco


The Hydrant risk indicator for Pressurised Irrigation Systems Perturbation

Bilal Derardja - Algeria


Agricultural Roofs: Sustainable Systems to mitigate Climate Change impacts and make Resilient Cities.

Gilda Capano and Stefania Palermo - Italy


Characterization of Water and Soil Quality of the M'nasra region in the Gharb plain (Northwest Morocco)

Serine Omrania – Morocco


Heating an agricultural greenhouse with a solar passive water–sleeve system: Effects on microclimate, yield and Tuta absoluta population

Lahoucine Gourdo – Morocco


Etude de l'efficacité d'un système de pompage hybride (photovoltaïque / électrique) pour une meilleure gestion du milieu rural

Naima Mebrek – Algeria


General discussions



13:30-15:00                   Lunch



Session (2)                    Inclusive Development

Chair: Mélanie Requier-Desjardins - CIHEAM Montpellier


15:00-16:00                  PhD & Young Researchers Oral Presentations

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 2 OP)


Comment s'organise une action collective coopérative d'économie circulaire entre les divers acteurs d'un territoire ? Le cas du Plan régional d'actions d'économie circulaire, en Occitanie.

Anne-Claire Savy-Angeli - France


L'étoffe "Ouabri" à poils de dromadaire de la région de Djelfa-Algérie. Une filière essentielle pour la sécurité alimentaire

Amal Kanoun-Meguellati - Algeria 


Contributing the feed sustainability in aquaculture: Nutritional programming of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) and improvements towards better utilization of low n-3 HUFA diets

Serhat Turkmen - Turkey


General discussions

Session (3)                    PhD & Young Researchers Poster and PhD in 180” Presentations

                                          Divided in two parallel sessions


16:00-1800                   Parallel session 1: PhD in 180”

                                          Chair: Roula Khadra – CIHEAM Bari

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 3 PS1: PhD)


Evaluation de la résistance de génotypes de pois (Pisum spp.) vis-à-vis de la fusariose vasculaire

Delel Mekhaldi – Algeria


L'utilisation des sucres de commerce pour lutter contre le carpocapse des pommes et des poires (Cydia pomonella L.) dans la région de Lambiridi (Wilaya de Batna, Algérie)

Imene Brahim - Algeria


Developing a Color Scale as a New Methodology in Sensory Science: Detecting Emotions Evoked by Organic Food Consumption

Diana Ismael - Syria


Development and application of alternative control methods to control postharvest rots of fresh fruits and vegetables

Imen Belgacem - Tunisia


Evaluation of the social behavior based on vibrational signals of Philaenus spumarius in semi-field conditions

Imane Akassou - Morocco


Water problem in Libya

Jamal Ali Mohamed Ehdadan - Libya


Plasticity of blackcurrant in a changing climate; focus on water efficiency

Natasa Cerekovic - Bosnia&Herzegovina


Zelus renardii (Hemiptera Reduviidae) a leafhopper assassin bug candidate for adult Philaenus spumarius biocontrol

Valdete Sefa - Albania


Investigation and characterization of phytoplasma infecting Ligustrum ovalifolium plants in Turkey

Zeinab Alsaheli - Lebanon


General discussions



16:00-1800                    Parallel session 2: PhD & Young Researchers Poster Presentations

                                          Chair: Mladen Todorovic – CIHEAM Bari

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 3 PS2: PP)


Valorisation et recyclage et de la biomasse issue de l'industrie agroalimentaire sucrière

Amine Ouaket – Morocco


Valorisation des produits du terroir Algérien

Naziha Fedala – Algeria


Potentialities of using Tunisian Rock phosphate: an alternative insight for sustainable agriculture

Ameni Ben Zineb - Tunisia


Agriculture traditionnelle et agrodiversité dans les oasis du Sud du Maroc : cas de des oasis de la région Drâa-Tafilalet

Mhammad Houssni – Morocco


An assessment of wood bioenergy utilization in a compared analysis between Missouri and Emilia Romagna

Edoardo Desiderio - Italy


An integrated process for biodiesel production and food industry wastewater treatment using the oleaginous yeast Debaryomyces etchellsii

Fatma Arous - Tunisia


Activity of Biochar on the Effectiveness and Persistence of Some Insecticides against Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) on Cotton Plants

Ghada EL-Masry - Egypt


Crop Water Requirements estimation from open satellite and agro-meterological data

Giuseppe Peschechera - Italy


Irrigation water use efficiency in the context of climate change - Case of citrus in Souss region, Morocco

Icham Elomari – Morocco 


Participatory multi-criteria analysis of irrigation management: a case study from Albania

Kledja Canaj – Albania


An integrated Decision Support tool for eco-efficiency assessment of agricultural production

Andi Mehmeti – Albania


Precision agriculture for mapping olive grove facing drought challenges in Apulia region

Nada Mzid - Tunisia


Isolation and use of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from an abandoned mine site for its rehabilitation

Najoua Mghazli – Morocco


Cultural landscapes for water management - A research work plan

Stefano Basso - Italy


Traditional irrigation techniques in an agroecological perspective

Vladimiro Andrea Boselli - Italy


The influence of inulin addition on nutritional composition of spelt pasta

Jelena Perović - Serbia                                             


Optimization of the extrusion process in creation of snack products from spelt wholegrain flour with added betaine

Jovana Kojić - Serbia


Stability of ellagic acid from raspberry seeds during the extrusion process

Boško Marić - Serbia


Microbial oil production from yeast growing on the hydrolysate of prickly pear

Chebbi Halima - Tunisia


General discussions


Session (4)                    Success stories

Chair: Giuseppe Provenzano, Union for the Mediterranean “UfM”

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 3 SS)


18:00-19:30                  Animated by Noureddin Driouech - CIHEAM Bari and Yasmine Seghirate - CIHEAM

  • Joséphine Semaan - Lebanon
  • Paul Skayem - Lebanon
  • Fatima Ayoub - Morocco
  • Ali Tamween Ajeel - Iraq
  • Ahmed Sayed - Egypt


20:00                               CIHEAM Prize to the Best MSc Theses for the year 2017


Apulian typical dinner with folkloristic dance and music


Les Conteuses du Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)


19 September


Session (5)                    Food Security and Nutrition

Chair: Panagiotis Kalaitzis - CIHEAM Chania


09:00-09:30                  Keynote address

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 5 KN)


Food security and CAPMED agenda

Nahla Hwalla - President of CIHEAM Advisory Board 


09:30-11:00                  PhD & Young Researchers Oral Presentations

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 5 OP)


Biocontrôle de Listeria monocytogenes CECT 4032 dans le lait et les produits laitiers, à l'aide d'une souche bactériocinogène de Lactococcus lactis isolée à partir du lait de chamelle fermenté du Maroc

Abdelkhaliq Elmoslih - Morocco


Phenotypical characterization and evaluation of a segregating population of sweet cherry (bing x lapins)

Alson Time - Haiti


Supplementation commercial prebiotic « Aviator » of broiler diet: Effect of stages of breeding on performances and caecal microflora

Amani Askri - Tunisia


Classification of Pulses Specific Diversity for the Provision of Three Ecosystems Services: Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Weed Suppression, and Production Stability under Mediterranean conditions

Julie Pitchers - France


The difficulty of measuring biological assets under IAS 41: Agriculture

Amine Azhari – Morocco                                                


Effects of post-harvest low temperature conditioning of olive fruit on oil quality parameters

Dourou Athanasia-Maria - Greece


General discussions


11:00-12:00                   PhD & Young Researchers Poster Presentations

                                          Divided in two parallel sessions


Parallel session 1: Chair : Mélanie Requier-Desjardins – CIHEAM Montpellier

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 5 PS1: PP)


Effect of Moroccan seaweed polysaccharides as biostimulants of Germination and Plant Growth of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Abir Mzibra – Morocco                                                    


Penicillium gravinicasei, a new species isolated from cave cheese in Apulia, Italy

Antonella Susca - Italy


Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus p22 binds single-stranded RNA molecules

Ferran Salavert  - Spain


Molecular, mycotoxin and phylogenetic characterization of Alternaria species from wheat grown in Italy.

Francesca Anna Ramires - Italy                                  


Screening of effective native common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) rhizobia and their use in mixed inocula with Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria under different phosphorus conditions

Imane El Attar - Morocco                                              


Bioactives metabolites for the antifungal and Plant Promoting Growth activities among Plant-associated Bacteria of Vicia faba L.

Imen Haddoudi - Tunisia                                               


Rhizobium laguerreae in combination with Enterobacter aerogens and Bacillus sp improves lentil water stress tolerance

Kaoutar Taha - Morocco                                                


Une agriculture durable au service d'une alimentation durable : La culture de l'olivier dans la steppe algérienne.      

Malika Zoubeidi  - Algeria


Impact du climat sur les accroissements et la qualité du liège dans la suberaie de Beni Ouarssous (Nord-Ouest d'Algérie)

Ahmed Chorana - Algeria


Est-ce que les plantations de palmiers dattiers et l'oasification peuvent être utilisées comme moyen de lutte contre la désertification et l'avancement du sable dans les zones arides ?                                             

Ali Mihi  - Algeria


Durabilité des systèmes d'élevage pastoraux face aux changements environnementaux dans la steppe algérienne

Mohamed Benidir - Algeria


General discussions


Parallel session 2: Chair: Ramzi Belkhodja – CIHEAM Zaragoza

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 5 PS2: PP)


Assessment of the current situation of organic food consumption in an emerging organic market (Lebanon)

Malak Tleis – Lebanon


Controlling Aspergillus niger using chia essential oil and gemifloxacin-metal complexes

Shimaa Sakr - Egypt


Preliminary analysis of the growth performance of adults and larvae of Tenebrio molitor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on diets based on by-products

Somaya Nasereldeen - Lebanon


Indigenous food formulation: which nutritional value of legume-based traditional Mediterranean dishes?

Sondos Njoumi - Tunisia


Pb-resistant PGPR effect on antioxidant status and genes expression pattern associated with lead tolerance and accumulation in Lathyrus sativus

Souhir Ayeid Abdelkrim -Tunisia


Patulin effects on viability of Penicillium spp.         

Vincenzo Tragni  - Italy


Assessment of the resilience of cereal-based cropping systems in the Mediterranean area: The Bekaa case study

Ali Nasrallah - Lebanon


Trapping methodologies for functional canopy arthropod diversity in olive agroecosystem

Anastazija Dimitrova - Macedonia


Investigation of endophytic microorganism's population diversity and their interaction with Xylella fastidiosa in olive trees and other hosts.

Arafat Hanani - Palestine


Insecticidia activity of bio-oils and biochar as pyrolysis products and their combination with microbial agents against Agrotis ipsilon (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Atef Mahmoud Mohamed Sayed - Egypt


Effect of drying methods on the phenolic compounds of white and black figs (Ficus carica L.)

Souhila Mahmoudi - Algeria


General discussions

12:00-13:30                   PhD & Young Researchers Oral Presentations

Divided in two parallel sessions


Parallel session 1: Chair : Mélanie Requier-Desjardins – CIHEAM Montpellier

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 5 PS1: OP)


Evaluation des composes phénoliques et des activités antioxydantes des figues (Ficus carica L.) en Tunisie

Fateh Aljane - Tunisia


Evaluation des facteurs structurels d'insécurité alimentaire pour une bonne gouvernance au Maroc : Cas du blé tendre

Kawtar Rerhrhaye - Morocco                                      


Gouvernance de la sécurité alimentaire au Maroc : Défis et Opportunités

Larbi Toumi - Morocco


Effet des biostimulants en plein champs sur le développement de Zymoseptoria tritici chez le blé dur en Tunisie.

Marwa Hassine – Tunisia


Etude de l'effet de la composition hormonale du milieu de multiplication sur le comportement des microboutures de l'arganier (Argania spinosa)

Meriyem Koufan – Morocco


Recherche des résidus de pesticides dans les tomates et évaluation de leur risque sur le consommateur Algérien

Moussa Mokhtari - Algeria


Potentiel allélopathique de chiendent pied de poule Cynodon dactylon ,sur la germination et la croissance de blé dur (Triticum durum Desf.) 

Zohra Melakhessou  - Algeria


Analyse et diagnostic de la nutrition azotée du blé dur pour la conception d’une grille de fertilisation azotée, en région semi-aride. Algérie

Chadda Douniazed - Algeria


General discussions




Parallel session 2: Chair: Ramzi Belkhodja – CIHEAM Zaragoza

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 5 PS2: OP)


Suppression and over-expression of a prolyl 4 hydroxylase is responsible for changes in tomato fruit abscission

Dusan Denic - Serbia  


Obtaining double haploids of radish in culture microspore in vitro

Elena Kozar - Russia   


First microscopic detection of oocysts of Cryptosporidium spp. in Mytilus chilensis cultivated in Chile destined for human consumption

Juan Francisco Eliseo Quiroga Sepulveda - Chile


Suppression of a tomato prolyl 4 hydroxylase alters fruit growth programs

Khansa Mekkaoui - Tunisia


Producing beef meat under hard livestock conditions by crossing cattle with Belgian Blue-White breed

Lynda Allouche - Algeria 


Innovation in Mediterranean organic greenhouse cultivation: protect the crops and protect soil arthropods                      

Suzana Madzaric - Bosnia&Herzegovina


Overexpression of prolyl 4 hydroxylase 3 decreases tomato fruit and flower size     

Mohamed Kouhen - Tunisia


Effect of NaCl and harvest time on antioxidant compounds in Lollo Bionda and Lollo Rosso lettuces

Mónica Flores Ramírez - Chile


General discussions



13:30-15:00                   Lunch




Session (6)                    Continuation Food Security and Nutrition

Chair: Ramzi Belkhodja - CIHEAM Zaragoza


15:00-15:30                   Development, innovation and mobility: opportunities and challenges for the youth in the Mediterranean

Blanca Moreno-Dodson - CMI, France


General discussions


15:30-17:30                   PhD & Young Researchers Oral Presentations

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session6 OP)


Computational motif discovery in promoters of Prunus persica co-regulated genes under various abiotic-stresses

Najla Ksouri - Tunisia


Does taste matter? The importance of taste in the valuation of European Union mandatory nutritional and health claim labelling program in Spain

Petjon Ballço -Albania


Sprouting: A sustainable tool for enhancing prebiotic properties of durum wheat seeds (Triticum durum)

Sarra Jribi - Tunisia


Study of radioprotective molecules and radioresistant microorganisms isolated from xerophytes: Applications in biodosimetry                  

Sihem Guesmi - Tunisia


Innovative agriculture and sustainable food production: applications of the Acquaponics system

Simona Giordano - Italy


Comparative characterization of olive prolyl 4 hydroxylases and cell wall glycoproteins in Greek olive cultivars under climate change conditions

Aristotelis Azariadis - Greece


Preliminary bioassays on the susceptibility of stone fruits rootstocks to Capnodis tenebrionis (L.)                                    

Hysen Kokici - Albania


General discussions




17:30-19:00                   PhD & Young Researchers Poster Presentations

Chair: Pierre Grenier – Agreenium, France

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session6 PP)


Environment investigating phages. Salmonella-phage model in animal systems from Chile.

Dácil Rivera - Chile


Enrichment of the hydrological lexicon as a consequence of a climatic and anthropogenic transition phase                                                             

Dario Pezzotti - Italy


Exploring survival strategies of Camelina sativa to flooding conditions

Haytham Hamedeh - Lebanon


Preliminary investigation of antimicrobial effects of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) leathery exocarp extract against some serious phytopathogens

Hazem Elshafie - Egypt


Identification of volatiles released by fruit-associated yeasts for the specific attraction of Drosophila suzukii in the field

Irene Castellan - Italy


Possible climate change impact on occurrence of Aspergillus flavus on spelt wheat in Serbia

Jelena Krulj - Serbia


Application of a real-time quantitative LAMP assay for the detection of Phytophthora infestans airborne inoculum                                                      

Mélissa Si Ammour - Algeria


The occurrence and distribution of major viruses infecting zucchini squash plants (Cucurbita pepo L.) in Morocco                                                       

Mohamed Afechtal – Morocco


Development of Direct Tissue Blot Immunoassay (DTBIA) as an efficient tool for the on- site detection of Spiroplasma citri, causal agent of Citrus stubborn disease                                                          

Mounira Inas Drais - Algeria


Xylella fastidiosa vectors and their management                                              

Nada Lahbib  - Tunisia


Food industry by-products as natural sources of nematicide against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita                                                       

Nadia Thligene -Tunisia


The behaviour of the Algerian vegetable crops farmers handling a panoply of phytosanitary products.                                                      

Nafissa Soudani - Algeria


Use of a novel MLVA assay as a promising genotype tool for the identification and tracking of P. savastanoi population                                                                          

Rahi, Yaseen Jundi  - Iraq


The hydraulic transfers ‘Setif –Hodna' to cope with impact of climate change on Setif high plains region                                                            

Tarek Bouregaa - Algeria 


Study of tritrophic interactions in apple orchards to enhance sustainable management of pest aphids

Zaid George Abdallah Badra - Jordan


Bacterial overexpression, purification and antiserum production for a theoredoxin-like protein, an interactor of Pepino mosaic virus p26

Souheyla Khechmar - Algeria


General discussions



20:00                               Live music with CIHEAM Bari Band and Barbecue



20 September


Session (7):                  Crisis and resilience

Chair: Maroun El Moujabber - CIHEAM Bari


09:00-09:30                  Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP)

                                          Damiano Petruzzella - CIHEAM Bari


09:30-12:00                  PhD & Young Researchers Oral Presentations

(#MEDFORUM2018 Session 7 OP)


Proposition d'un cadre méthodologique pour l'évaluation de la vulnérabilité des exploitations agricoles au changement climatique                       

Abderraouf Zaatra - Tunisia


Stratégies d'adaptation de la culture du blé dur face aux changements climatiques futurs en Algérie : 1- Gestion des semis.                                

Nacira Chourghal - Algeria


Rotting fungi of pomegranate fruit from Southern Italy   

Annamaria Mincuzzi - Italy


Etude Epidémiologique Moléculaire de l'immunodéficience sévère combinée chez les chevaux Pur-Sang Arabes en Tunisie                              

Ikram Ben Souf  - Tunisia


Clinical bovine mastitis in Tunisia: Epidemiology, antimicrobial resistance and detection of extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing Enterobacteriaceae

Mariem Saidani - Tunisia


Anti-bacterial and anti-biofilm activity of Enterococcus spp against Staphylococcus aureus

Mariem Zanzan  - Morocco


Seedling VOCs induce host preference in Bagrada hilaris Burmeister

Mokhtar Abdulsattar Arif - Iraq


La composition chimique et l'effet insecticide d'huile essentielle Mentha spicata endémique sur puceron noir de la luzerne Aphis craccivora, 1854.

Rayane Saifi - Algeria


Evaluation of Fusarium Head Blight resistances in Italian wheat cvs. by phenotypic and molecular analyses

Sara Francesconi - Italy


Photosynthetic down regulation in red and white Tempranillo under different climate change scenarios

Tefide Kızıldeniz - Turkey


Integrated Pest Management system within Urban agriculture

Zilal Suleiman-Alkadour - The Netherlands


General discussions



12:00-13:30     Session (8):     Final session


 (#MEDFORUM2018 Session8 FS)


Concluding remarks


Placido Plaza - Secretary General of CIHEAM

Nahla Hwalla - President of CIHEAM Advisory Board 




13:30                               End of the Forum and Networking lunch

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